Sunday, 16 October 2011

Favorite DIY of the week

This weekend I've found some really cute DIY projects that I want to share with you guys. Hope you like it.

1st, Cork Stamps. Some really cool simple idea to make your own stamps, seriously you can draw everything you want and make a stamp out of it. See the tutorial here.

2nd, Cupcake lights- These look so cute and are perfect for a romantic dinner. Can't wait to make it myself! Source here.

3rd, Map card and envelope- I just love everything related with maps and what better way to recycle your old maps by making brand new stationary!? find out how here.

Enjoy the week. **Rita**


  1. i am in love with the cupcake lights. i so want to try them.

  2. Cute projects! I especially love those cupcake lights. I have my own cheap lights from Ikea, but I would love to spice them a little up. Have a nice Sunday evening!

  3. I LOVE every single one of these!