Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Meet Kelsey from Eat Drink Be a Tourist

Hello Lovely readers! Today I have the pleasure to introduce to you one of my lovely sponsors for the month of November. Meet Kelsey:

Hey there!  I'm Kelsey, a born and raised Southern California girl with a sarcastic sense of humor and intense love of adventure.  I blog about the "funner" things in life.  When I first started my blog, I wanted it to be about the three things in life I love most - eating, drinking and being a tourist.  I wanted to write about the great restaurants and bars in San Diego and all the fun adventures I got into throughout the city.  Over this past year of blogging, my blog has evolved into a sort of life and travel blog - a place where I can document the things I love, the trips I take, the recipes I cook and the ups and downs of life.  

Now, how about some fun little facts about me:
I'm a natural blonde but sometimes find myself wanting to go dark.
I can hit a golf ball 250 yards & played golf in high school.
I dance and sing to country music in my room when I'm getting ready.
I've never seen Titanic, Dirty Dancing or Breakfast at Tiffany's.
I'm a Dodger fan and dream about having season tickets.
I snort when I laugh really hard & I've been told it's cute. 
I have been to 26 states including Alaska and Hawaii.  
I have traveled to 6 different countries in Europe - Germany is my favorite.
I would love nothing more than to go to cooking school. 

Come see me over at my blog!
You can also find me here:


Thank you so much Kelsey! Please feel free to visit Kelsey and share a bit of the blogging love. **Rita**

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